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Hack PlayStation 3

Open Source PS JailBreak Clone “PSGroove” Available Now!

Updates at the bottom…

Maybe, it’s a possibility, perhaps, conceivably it could happen next week, but that’s just speculation; in other words, nothing is set in stone. Mathieulh and the crew are working on it and the plan: bring the PS JailBreak code to github so others can contribute. And with that code compiled one could even flash it to a Teensy++ USB Development Board ($24) or an AT90USBKEY ($31). Yessir — a do-it-yourself PS3 hack without breaking the bank — that’s what I’m talking about.

If you’re thinking about the Teensy++ board you may want to act fast. From their website:

Update, Tuesday, Aug 31, 5:41 PM: We have received a higher than usual volume of orders for this item, and we’re working to ship orders as quickly as possible. Current wait time is approximately 2 days. As of Tuesday 5:41PM these boards ARE IN STOCK. We have enough inventory to fill all pending orders! If we do run out due to high demand, we expect to have more available in approximately 2 weeks, and we will fill any backorders in the order they were received. If you want one of these boards, your best bet is to place an order now. Please understand PJRC is a small company and we are currently running about 2 days to fill orders, though we’re hoping to fully catch up soon!

I hope everyone understands too: PS JailBreak isn’t just about backups, in fact, that’s not even its actual purpose. “PS JailBreak” means unsigned code on the PS3, and that means emulators and other real cool shit. We’ll keep you updated — Twitter too.

Update: I just ordered 10 of these Teensy++ boards. One for me and the rest we’re going to give away in an upcoming contest. Check back for that.

Update: Cloned and open-sourced before distributors get their overpriced versions out. That’s right, all the code that makes PS JailBreak what it is, is now up for grabs. Take a look right here. What next? Get yourself a Teensy++ board and get your PS Groove on. Documentation, guides, how-tos, etc. will follow.

From the PS Groove README:

This is the PSGroove, an open-source reimplementation of the psjailbreak exploit for AT90USB and related microcontrollers.

It should work on:

* AT90USB162
* AT90USB646
* AT90USB647
* AT90USB1286
* AT90USB1287
* …and maybe more.

This software is not intended to enable piracy, and such features have been disabled. This software is intended to allow the execution of unsigned third-party apps and games on the PS3.

Read the full README.

And if you’re not already, get following Mathieulh and RichDevX. Two devs behind PSGroove.

Update: I’ve compiled PS Groove for you — grab it right here. This is the version without Backup Manager support, and it goes untested. When our boards arrive and we’re able to test, we’ll write up a user-friendly tutorial for you.

Update: Someone just emailed in a modified “descriptor.h” that apparently enables Backup Manager support. I’ve compiled that for you too. Again, it goes untested.

Update: I’ve added PS JailBreak’s Backup Manager to our PS3 downloads — it’s the app that allows you to create & load PS3 backups. Install using PS JailBreak or the version of PS Groove that supports it.

Update: If you haven’t already noticed, PJRC is sold out of Teensy++ boards. What did you expect? But! If you have a [hacked] PSP then you’re laughing because Mathieulh has confirmed that this code can, and likely will, be ported to the PSP. Hacking your PS3 with your hacked PSP — who would’ve thought.

Update: No PSP? Didn’t get to order a Teensy++ board early enough? Don’t stress it — because like I said above we ordered 10 and that means we have 9 to giveaway. Want one? Shits real simple… Follow us on Twitter and retweet (RT) this tweet. First 9 to do that and email admin at dashhacks with a dot com confirming your twitter name get ‘em. P.S. Like Dashhacks on Facebook too.

Update: And they’re gone… All 9 Teensy++ boards are claimed. Thanks for playing. If you don’t get a response it means you were too late
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